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Winter Pest Control Guide – Things Every Vancouver Resident should know

It’s no secret that pests have become a part of our lives these days. We are surrounded by different types of insects and wildlife. These uninvited guests often cause great annoyance to residents in Vancouver. They can damage household goods and cause harm to human health as well.

However, many people think pests enter residential and commercial properties only during summer and spring seasons. But this is not the case. A drop in temperature in winter seasons not only makes people seek shelter inside their homes but also makes pests look for warm places for survival. Thus, winter pest control in a crucial thing people in Vancouver should take into consideration in the very first place.

Know about the Common Winter Pests in Vancouver
Here are some of the common pests that could attack your home or business place during winter months: # Rodents: Brown rats and house mice can make your house or business place their dwelling in the winter season. The main reason as to why you should take n…